Writers' Ink at Caledon Public Library

Advice That Poisons

For writers seeking advice seems natural, but some advice can steer us in a poor direction

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Crying For Value

The Read Local Caledon collection is designed to celebrate our community’s talented, vibrant, contemporary authors. “The Value Crisis” is a new addition.

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David and Harry at Caledon’s Read Local Collection

Read Local Caledon’s goal is to make works by local authors more visible online, in the Library’s catalogue, on its shelves and to enrich the Library’s collections.

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Short Prose Competition

“while we need writers to develop distinctive individual voices, they often need to speak out as a group in any number of forums. The Writers’ Union of Canada has given writers that collective forum”

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A Blogger’s Confession

I have no family tradition of writing, just one of thinking and reading widely and well.

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