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A new memory…the bloody killings that set us free

More than a century, the poppy still red,

Reminding of us, of those that fought, now dead.

Can we not celebrate them? These women and men,

Like we do, when our friends and family die?

We send colourful bouquets or flowers of white,

Representing a peaceful  Thank you, I love you, Goodbye…

A white poppy, to say, yes I remember the ones,

Who fought for our freedom and peace,

And I proudly wear a poppy of white, it helps me remember and release.


White  poppy for me, a symbol for peace

It is something I choose to wear, I move forward with love

Continuing their cause, as they watch from above,

With this little reminder, my symbol of peace.


On the beach of Dieppe scared out of his wits, my uncle saw his friends, his

platoon blown away,

Woman and men-worldwide, slaughtered, for the freedoms we get to enjoy today.

Can we not honour them and continue celebrating their colourful past?

wearing a poppy of white, believing in peace, compassion,

enduring love that lasts…


Red, so bloody, the battles they fought, for our freedoms I do understand.

White poppy, a promise of peace, of hope continuing to follow their motion,

set in hand…


White poppy speaks to me, says ‘NO fighting’, ‘NO wars’, it says,

‘Thank you, I will have peace in my heart’

In these times that have passed, more than ever before.

We need peace and understanding, patience…no more wars!

We all have differences, yet we are the same, one planet, one world

one human being, Humanity what does it mean? A human, a being like you

and me?


Celebrate our differences; our diversities, these illusions that set us apart,

Living a life as humanely as we can, with our hands, our feet, an open heart.

The time is now, the time has come, to set our differences aside,

we are one of many races of the earth, are you ready to abide?

Poppies come in colours of red, yellow, pink, peach and white,

a symbol to remember the men and woman that went off to fight.

They fought for our freedom, to have a world to share with great peace,


Where is this peace?  I ask, on behalf of those now deceased.

They gave their lives, it’s a time to remember,

so let’s us honour them as we do in November

Instead of representing the red poppy of death,

perhaps we can open up and pick other colours instead?

A white poppy of peace, or yellow to honour our neighbours and friends

a pink or peach poppy for compassion, that will never end.

Can we not celebrate them, these women and men,

Like we do when our friends and family die?

We send colourful bouquets or flowers of white,

To say I love you, thank you, a peaceful goodbye


So let’s paint our poppies and remember these brave souls,

To go on, continue their mission, make it yours,

Go, pick a colour, be brave and remember,

those who gave up their lives,

and lets us honour them in whatever way we choose,

calling out for peace on this earth, all colours represented,

This way we never can lose, remembering what they set out to do.


by Jill Rogers

About Alton Chapter

The Alton Chapter of Writers' Ink meets the 1st Wednesday of the month from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Alton Branch.

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