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Like yesterday the sun has taken charge:

Wind no more than a nervous lover’s sigh,

The sea, bullied into stillness

Wants no trouble, tries to hide

By matching a cerulean sky.

In the dunes behind we see him,

Gangly Achilles jogging down.

Head up, as if on a mission,

Skirting spiky tufts of bent grass,

As he meanders to the beach.

Come again to flirt with Moira,

Our raven-haired beauty, hailing

From Motherwell, on the Clyde.

He stops and stands out in the sun

Slitting his eyes to peer at us

Looking for her into the gloom

Under the vine thatched canopy.

“Yasou, Achilleus” says Liz,

“Come, come sit with us, there’s room here.”

We shuffle space beside Moira

But he smiles and walks around the table

Sits down facing her. “Here is fine,” he says,

“So I see the beautiful Greek lady

Who thinks she is Scottish. I can’t believe.”

Irene comes trundling across the sand

From the beach kitchen with an extra glass

And we toast our Greek guest with retsina.

Irene waits smiling till we finish

Then tells us wistfully, Liz translating,

That there is no baklava today.

Pointing to the canopy above us

She gestures that we help ourselves, then leaves.

Gallant Achilles, kicks off his sandals

Leaps up on the table, starts handing down

Thick bunches, one for each of us.

“No, no. Don’t eat the grapes.” He says,

Jumping down, taking Moira’s hand

He leads us to the water’s edge.

“Grapes must be washed,” he says, “the salt is good.”

Turning to Moira he asks her,

“Don’t you wash your grapes in Scotland?”

“Och aye!” She says. “We dip them in the Clyde.”

by Hugh Marchand

About Alton Chapter

The Alton Chapter of Writers' Ink meets the 1st Wednesday of the month from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at the Alton Branch.

2 comments on “Canopy

  1. David Chesterton
    October 12, 2016

    Holy Cats, Hugh, Two in a row!
    Loved it, but the last time I saw the Clyde I don’t think I’d want to eat anything that had been dipped into it.

  2. Alton Chapter
    October 13, 2016

    Indeed the River Clyde was, perhaps still is, a dirty stream (but could that be the point?)

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