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The Blog Writer – from Album to Mixtape

Are You Thinking About Your Blog All Wrong?

From Jay Baer on http://www.convinceandconvert.com

The album era for blogs is over, replaced by the mixtape era. This has massive implications for blog strategy, blog operations, blog content, and blog promotion. Not all that long ago, blogs were consumed consistently and comprehensively. A blog was a comfortable slipper of information that fit into your daily (or near-daily) pattern because you were ‘fed’ updates via RSS and/or email. Your favourite blogs (and you could rattle off that list of favourites on command) were oft-updated collections of content from writers you felt you knew, about topics you embraced.

Blog consumption is a Mixtape not an Album

The unit of information was the blog itself, the same way that the unit of audio in the same era was the album (or the CD, to be more precise). You were loyal to a blog and a blogger, the same way you were loyal to an artist and an album. You might not love every post (or song) but you kept coming back for more.

The dominance of the album is over, replaced by the preeminence of singles (driven partially by iTunes, and then Spotify).

The dominance of the blog is over too, replaced by the preeminence of the blog post (driven partially by the death of RSS, and the rise of social sharing).

How many blogs do you read religiously now vs. a few years ago? Instead, you pick and choose the ‘best’ from among millions of blog posts published each day, your attention drawn by social shares and curation tools. Blog consumption is a mix-tape now, not an album.

Succeeding with a Blog in the Mixtape era

As a blog owner, this is both challenge and opportunity. The decline in true ‘fans’ who will visit the blog daily means you have to replace yesterday’s readers with a different group of readers today. But, because most visitors are not coming back over and over, you can adopt a much broader editorial approach without fear of confusing or upsetting the community (in the album era you had to worry more about thematic blog consistency).

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