Writers' Ink at Caledon Public Library

Mysteries in Bolton

On Monday night,  you can write and read prompts and  full threefold fiction stories of mysterious Bolton.  Here are five 75 word prompts.  Can you fold them over twice into 150 word and then 300 word stories?

75 Word Prompts


Black Bull


The place does not have ghosts so much as shadows, shades of drinkers past, and sorrows not completely drowned in drink. Memories drift between tables, looking for faces no longer there, trying to be remembered. One of them is not likely to go away. On a busy night it remains slightly seen, barely heard amidst other sounds of people talking, laughing and drinking. And, until quite recently, no one took any real notice of it.


Just Another Walk?


It was just another Friday night in Bolton. As usual, he walked the length and breadth of the town, from the north to the south along the highway, outlining the shape of a cross by going to the west and east extremes along the sideroad. He would stop briefly on the bridges over the river to look down at the water, and on the bridge over the railway tracks, to look at nothing in particular.


Where did they come from?


Where did they come from? Why did they turn up overnight, when no one but the odd drunk was looking? And now there were lawns all over Bolton showing signs of their presence. What were they, and what could be done about them? The answer came, perhaps strangely, perhaps not, from a young girl who was always very quiet in class. The dark waters of her mind were always flowing, much deeper than the Humber.


Disappearance of Ellwood


A house was there, Newfoundland flag flying boldly up front. Lives were lived. Then, for two months, there was no one there. The flag came down, then the flagpole. The grass grew long. I saw this while walking my dog first thing every morning. And then one morning the house was not there, sights of demolition all around. But a story remained, that would be revealed when the uprooting of the concrete foundation was completed.


A Stranger Approaches

It’s dark. I’m in a particularly shady part of downtown Bolton late at night. I hear someone approaching. With the acute hearing of one whose suspicions are high, I hear the tips of shoelaces dragging on the asphalt. It might be an old man, then, having problems with keeping his shoelaces tied tight. The person stops periodically, and then starts again. It could be an old man pulling up his pants. Should I be nervous?


About Albion Bolton Evening Chapter

The Albion Bolton Evening Chapter of Writers' Ink meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month from 7 to 8:30 pm at Albion Bolton Branch.

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