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Lost Souls

Sitting by the side of the road

He looked up as I walked by

Sad, lost, forlorn

Though young, he was not spry

Dark circles, sunken eyes

Shabby clothes others had worn

Pants too short, sleeves too long

Ankles exposed.

Hat pulled down over his ears,

His hand stretched out to me.

My heart went out to him;

I approached this poor wretch

Can I help?

He stretched out his hand

Spare change, spare change.

Reaching in my purse for twenty dollars

Holding it out to him I asked

Have you no home? Where do you sleep?

Do your parents know you’re out on the street?

He looked at me with those dead eyes

Took the money, and

Said very clearly

Piss off lady, go away

By Patricia Lawrence

About Albion Bolton Afternoon Chapter

The Albion Bolton Afternoon Chapter of Writers' Ink meets every Thursday from 1 to 3 pm at the Albion Bolton Branch.


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