Writers' Ink at Caledon Public Library


Sliding down a hole

There is no light

        Horrors abound

        Disjointed thoughts

Settling in your head

Paranoia leads the way

        Intolerable sadness

        Days of non stop weeping

Isolation seems best

Hiding away

        Acting normal is exhausting

        Words running constantly

        Through your head

Take that glass smash it

Shove it in your neck

        You’re not worthwhile

        No one wants you here

Take that knife, the sharp one

Slash your wrists

‘Till the blood runs free

        Move fast, move fast

        Do it now, do it now

Afraid of everything

Knives with sharp edges

Glasses that break

Pills, red white and blue

        Everything’ threatening

        Everything’ beckoning

Sleep brings nights of terror

Morning slips away

        Endless afternoons spent

        In a black hole

        Of depression

By Patricia Lawrence

About Albion Bolton Afternoon Chapter

The Albion Bolton Afternoon Chapter of Writers' Ink meets every Thursday from 1 to 3 pm at the Albion Bolton Branch.


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